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2016 so far
Start of a new era
David & Debbie's wedding in Southport
Wedding at Deansgate Hilton, Manchester - July 2014
Matt & Helen's wedding


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2016 so far

Well as always for musicians, January was very quiet. We're usually too tired after Christmas gigs to move for a month so it's probably a good thing that not too many people try and book parties in January!

From my point of view I've still been busy booking in weddings for myself and for the band for 2016, '17 and even '18! I've played one wedding so far in February, for Rachel & Tony at the Village Hotel in Bury and have one more to play at Thornton(!) Hall Hotel this weekend. Also had 3 gigs so far with the Jonny Cooper Experience this month playing at Bradford Bulls stadium, Tatton Park wedding fair and also a couple of gigs at The Grill On The Square in Warrington. If you've never seen us before then please try and come down when we play. Every night is different as in Saturday just gone where around 1245am we were challenged to play some gangsta rap. We duly obliged with some Warren G/Eminem/Snoop Dogg mash up (minus the swearing of course, we're family men after all). 

I've also recorded a professional video of my arrangement of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran shot by Michael Langley who also took some photos of me, which are now strewn around this website. Have a look at his videography services at 

Maton Guitars (of which I play one) even shared the YouTube link ( on their Twitter and Facebook pages so I've gone international this month! A lot of people in China shared it again after that so who knows, maybe I'll be touring Asia soon :) 

That's all for now, back to the endless grind of being self employed (my brain never switches off!)

Start of a new era

So this is my first blog post in a while. I don't usually get round to it, which is why they have been so few and far between but I'm making a conscious effort to update it more often.

So here we go.... 

In July i left my job as guitar teacher for Bolton Music Service after 8 years there to concentrate more on my wedding business and general guitar playing. Since then I've taken a lot of bookings for next 2016 and 2017, played a lot of weddings during August and September and also played in a Beach Boys tribute show. I've also picked some other work during the week teaching in schools around Bolton & Bury with a company called Alfa. A small group of dedicated and highly talented music teachers, who work their socks off and its great to be one of them.

In the meantime, I've been looking at starting some new song arrangements - some I've been asked to play for weddings and some others that I've personally wanted to do for a while. Now that I have a bit of space and spare time I'm going to get cracking on them starting with "Sweet Child Of Mine", which Michelle asked for only the other day and which sparked the musical masochist in me! "How can i play the solo while keeping the rhythm going?" I asked myself. I still have no idea but I'm going to give it a damn good go this weekend! Watch out for the video coming soon to my Facebook page.

On a side note, I've recently posted my new demo reel (see the homepage of this website if you missed it), which was put together for me by my good friend Graham Thompson in South Shields. Not only was he the best man at my wedding back in 2010 but I'll be playing at his wedding in July 2016! You can find more videos like it on my website, FaceBook page or YouTube channel

David & Debbie's wedding in Southport

This week I went to Southport to play for David & Debbie's wedding at the Ramada hotel in Southport. It was absolutely chucking it down when I left Bolton but hen I got to Southport it was bright sunshine! Always a bonus!

Anyway, for the ceremony Debbie had requested Pachelbel's Canon in D, which is by far and away the most popular choice for me to play for bridal entrances. I'd pre-cursored that with plenty of Beatles tunes (quite close to Liverpool is Southport!) and Jack Johnson's 'Better Together' before Debbie finally arrived. 

The couple had requested 'Love Of My Life' by Queen and 'Come Undone' by Duran Duran during the signing of the register and I hope I did them justice. You can see and hear my arrangement of the Queen track by clicking play on this video.

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Love of my life

For the exit music, I played 'Here Comes The Sun' which is STILL my favourite song to play, I think ever. Bizarre that I only really discovered the song 2 years ago!

I then played during the wedding breakfast, which was very relaxed. It all went very quiet just as I started playing 'Vincent', which made me really have to concentrate as it's not one I play very regularly. Luckily, I think it was the best I've played it. And I'm also keeping up my 100% record of making at least one person go,

"Oh, what's that from? Erm......(clicks fingers), American, you'll have to tell me!" 

...after I've played 'Quantum Leap' 

The guess the theme tune game is great at wedding breakfasts. I should market it in my packages!

Congratulations again to David & Debbie and thanks for introducing me to Southport. I took the family back there to the promenade and fair at the weekend!


Wedding at Deansgate Hilton, Manchester - July 2014

I recently played for Caroline's wedding at the amazing Hilton hotel on Deansgate in Manchester.

The first time I've ever played 23 floors up, which didn't hit me until I stepped onto the see-through panel in the floor, which looks straight down to the pavement underneath! I had a small chuckle to myself while playing before the ceremony when I sang the words in my head to the tune I was playing at the time.......which was 'If I Fell'.

Here's my little boy looking out of the 23rd floor window a few days previous:

Caroline had asked for a lot of classical music and some Spanish and also French tunes as she lives in Paris and her father is Spanish. I played last year for her 30th birthday party in Bolton and had already learned a lot of Spanish tunes for that. 

The wedding went very well and I managed to play Clare De Lune (a piano piece) fairly convincingly during the signing of the register. I cover mistakes very well, you know!

Matt & Helen's wedding

So, this weekend I played at the wedding of Matt & Helen Smith at the Langdale Chase Hotel in Windermere and I have to say it was fantastic!

I arrived stupidly early due to me stressing that there would be traffic going up the M6 and I would be late for the 12pm ceremony. There, of course, wasn't any traffic at all and I arrived at 9:40am! This gave me enough time to set up and practise the ceremony songs several times. The ceremony proceeded without a hitch, my looped version of Pachelbel's canon being played as Helen walked round the top of the room along the balcony and down the stairs. I did stress slightly that I couldn't see anything over my music stand (I was upstairs on the balcony looking down) and had to wait until the registrar started speaking to know that it was my cue to stop playing! Fortunately she started speaking just as I was coming to the end of the chord progression so the song finished naturally and not with an awkward cut off!

It was also one of the hottest days of the year so after the Ceremony we all went outside and I slowly burnt to a crisp having not put any suntan lotion on or taken any with me!

Later in the evening, the other two guys from the Jonny Cooper Experience joined me at the venue to play for the evening party. Sam Packwood on drums joined myself and Conal as Gary, our regular drummer was away in Germany with Bolton Music Service's IYP trip. He did a fantastic job of not only playing the songs, but also of keeping his drum kit from sliding halfway across the room!

Matt & Helen told me they enjoyed all the music that day and I have to say I really enjoyed the day as a whole, meeting some of the other guests and chatting extensively about guitars (yes I am a guitar nerd but that's part of this job!). It also helped being right on the edge of Lake Windermere on a fantastic sunny day.

New recordings

I've been hard at work recently recording new demo tracks of my arrangements. You can find some of those on this website and you can find others on my Soundcloud page here and also on my Facebook page here.

I'll be doing a lot more over the coming weeks as I get more ideas for new arrangements. 

If you have any suggestions of songs you'd like to hear done then please let me know by leaving a comment.

Christmas and 2013

Well here we are, almost Christmas again!

I hope you enjoy my arrangement of White Christmas available to hear on the home page, at least until the day after Christmas then you probably won't want to listen to it! Don't worry I'll take it off on Boxing day!

The bookings have been coming in thick and fast for 2013 and I'd like to thank those who have booked me so far for their wedding ceremonies and also to those who have booked the Jonny Cooper Experience to play at their party afterwards. I have a lot of new songs to arrange for Bridal entrances, some I'd never heard before but I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into them.

I have my first Wedding Fayre of 2013 booked for the Little White Books event at the Holiday Inn, Bolton on the 3rd Feb. I'll be playing for 4 hours straight so come down and see me/hear me/pelt me with tomatoes on the day. I'm hoping to do a few more throughout the year too so keep an eye on the gigs and appearances page for updates.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say hello to visitors to my site from Beijing, New Jersey, Washington State and Vancouver. Thanks for visiting! But also thanks to everyone from the UK (especially Bolton!) for visiting.

Right, better get cracking on some arrangements but first there's the small matter of the Christmas shopping that I haven't started yet.......

Website updates and Facebook page

I've been hard at work this week updating bits and bobs on the website, adding music players to the repertoire and Wedding package pages and also creating a gig guide page.

You can check this to see when and where I am performing either solo or with the Jonny Cooper Experience. If you're thinking about booking us for your wedding then come down to one of our gigs and see us for yourselves!

(Note: only public performances will be listed, private functions will not.)

I have also created a Facebook page which you can view here. Feel free to like and share the page.

In any case, I hope you like my website and keep checking back. I have plans to add a lot more audio and possibly some video very soon!


The first of many...

Welcome to my new website!

If you came here looking for a guitarist for your wedding then I hope you book me up. If you're a guitar nut and came looking for some sheet music for my arrangements or even a private lesson or two (or ten!) then please get in touch.

If you're one of my existing students then what are you doing reading this? Shouldn't you be practising?!

I'll be updating a lot over the next few days/weeks with masses of audio, video, information and maybe even a special offer or two.

I hope you've found everything you came for. If not then please let me know.


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